Bisexual Couples

QQ图片20141119141654There are more and more bisexual couples were came out and started to find and meet bisxual dating partners online. But for many straight people, if they are confused as to the differences between bisexual, lesbian and gay, then you might get questions you weren’t expecting, such as: Do you want to have a threesome relationship? We are bisexual couples, but we are not only for this to join these bisexual dating site, this is just one of the reasons. As bisexual couples, we want to declare our stand.

1, we are bisexual, not lesbian or gay

Bisexual is different from lesbian and gay,we love women and men, we can accept threesome realtionship and lesbian, gay. Bisexual is real and should be able to understand , as long as love is true, it could exist. Bisexual Love really exists, but it does not meet everyone’s expectations, it does not look ideal.

2,we are looking for dating partner, not ONS

Many people believe that those people who consider themselves as bisexual to sex, just for sex between women and men. We are looking for dating partner, bisexual and bi-curious friends, not ONS. Not the pursuit of a one night stand. If we want to find a one night stans, we don’t need to pay for membership registration websites to find the target, we can go to club to find ONS.

3,we need support

Although the life in the 21st century, but there are still many people don’t understand us, even with discrimination eyes to see us. Some of us can’t get support from family members, friends, neighbors and business associates. For us, the support from my family and friends is more inportant than anything. Don’t take colored glasses to see us. We are normal human beings, we need support.

4,bisexual dating sites

As bisexual couples, we join many bisexual dating websites, but not all bisexual websites for you to join. There are many kinds of bisexual dating sites, for women, for men, for single bisexual, for couples, you can choose one or more for yourself.

5,we are bisexual, my litter boy is not bisexual

Bisexual will not pass on to the next generation. So don’t ask my litter boy:Are you bisexual or gay? I think it is a lack of respect for the performance of others. No matter how others live. We are bisexual, we need to respect and support from others.

We welcome to many bisexual friends join some bisexual dating sites, such as: CouplesLookingForFemale and SingleBiDating for bisexual love, fun, passion, we can chat, message and so on, we also want to meet bisexual friends all over the world, I think all bisexual people must be stand together. For Love, For Respect, For Support, For Bisexual Love.