Women Looking For Couples


Sexy-font-b-Kissing-b-font-font-b-Girls-b-font-font-b-Hot-b-font“How can you be in love with your best friend? Disgusting”

“You are attracted towards another woman? Don’t let anyone else know about it”

“May the God’s curse be on you and you burn in fire of hell because you broke the nature’s law”

“You can’t seriously fall in love with another woman. You are joking, right?”

These are some common taunts and tantrums thrown a person who is brave enough to accept her true identity of being bisexual and say it out loud. You will never realize that how hard did she fight the battle with her own self and finally found truce with her actually self. But the society always ridiculed her in every time. When she tried hiding her inner self, the society mocked her for being shy and lonely. And now when she has declared being bisexual, the society curses and rejects her.

Being bisexual or getting attracted to the same gender is considered a taboo in today’s so called developed and open-minded society. There many women out there who are still fighting with the bisexual demon inside them just because the people around her, even her family won’t accept her true identity. And so at least she losses the battle and pretends to be someone she is not.

It is not only a man’s right to love a male. Women also have the freedom to choose a partner of her choice, whether male or female, love them and dream of spending their life together. Falling in love with the opposite or same gender is not in anyone’s hands. When the love cupid hits you with his arrow, it doesn’t tell you to fall in love with the opposite gender only. Bisexuality, women looking for couples and dating them is not a crime.

Online dating, blind dates, dating youngsters and couples have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. You must have heard a man dating a woman on vise versa, but the dating trend has seen a revolution over the years.

Women looking for couples to fun and making love is trending these days. There are many couples out there who won’t to explore their sexuality as a couple and indulge with another woman just for fun.

If your are seeking a bisexual woman, man or even a couple for a relationship, then log on to sites that provide online dating services, create your accounts, find the perfect match and go out for fun. These sites have made the whole dating and match making process easier.

Bisexuality means getting attracted to a person belonging to the opposite or same gender. A bisexual woman can love a man and woman at the same time. So why get tired by dating to different people at the same time when you can date a couple? There are many couples out there who would love to date a bisexual woman just for fun.

Dating a couple will allow the ambisexual woman to love two different at the same time and same place. You can easily enjoy a relationship involving three people were two of them are a couple and already madly in love with each other.

  • Dating a couple, good or bad?

Dating a couple is not all about sunshine and flowers. At one time being a bisexual, you might be thrilled and entertained by being in a relationship with a couple, but at other times it can be emotionally exhausting. You cannot create as strong as a bonding that the couple already shares with each other. You can get thrown at any point of time when the duo gets bored or do not find the threesome relationship intriguing and entertaining.

It seems strange when you see a couple, who is already head to heels in love with each other planning on dating another woman. Why would they do it? Every couple needs fun and change in their lives. The monotonous routines can make their lives dull and boring. So to keep the spark of love and thrill ignited in their lives, they plan on taking on board a bisexual woman for fun and love. During this triangle of love, they get a chance to explore their sexuality as a couple and further improve their bonding.


Women looking for couples and couples looking for women with bisexuality can satisfy the needs of both the sides. Sometimes this relationship can be created for long term while many prefer dating just for fun, entertainment and short span of time. so all the couples and bisexual people out there, don’t be afraid of accepting your true identity and showing it to the world.